Monday, June 19, 2017

Stratos Papafilippou: The wonderful "Eric" of Thassos (full documentary)

"Eric" is the short documentary by Faidon Gkretsikos and Panos Tragos that tells the story of Stratos Papafilippou, the doppelgänger of football legend Eric Cantona, from the Greek island of Thassos.

In the mid-90s two English tourists told Stratos Papafilippou, the owner of a small bar in Potamia, Thassos, that he bore a striking resemblance to the legendary French footballer Eric Cantona. 

Stratos did not know who Cantona was but he figured it could be a good business opportunity. So he cut his hair, put on a Manchester United jersey, and began appearing in public as "Eric Cantona in the flesh," determined to one day meet the real Cantona in person.

"Eric" and Cantona in 2013
"Eric" premiered in the 18th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival in 2016 and participated in the Short Film Competition Section of the 22nd Athens International Film Festival, also in 2016.

The original score is by Akis Tourkogiorgis.

Enjoy the full documentary with English subtitles here:

Source: LiFO (translated and with edits)

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