Wednesday, October 18, 2017

"The good side of Greece" supports the GoFundMe campaign for seriously injured diving champion Androgeos Sampsakis

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A message by Evangelos "Stefanos" Tzivopoulos, Head Diving Coach / President of the Hellene Clavadistas:

My beloved friends all over the world.

I am doing this GoFundMe for my beloved friend National and International Junior Champion Androgeos Sampsakis.

Androgeos is 17 and is an extremely sweet and talented kid. He is the Greek and Balkan champion this year and a very promising athlete.

Androgeos had a terrible accident doing a single front flip on the gymnastics floor 2 weeks ago. He got dizzy and didn't kick out on time and landed on his head something that almost never happens.

Since then he is in a very serious condition he had 2 surgeries and he needs our help immediately.

For the reasons that we all can understand I can't describe all of his condition at this time. He is unable to walk or use his legs and hands. I promised my self that i will quit this only when I will have done everything for this kid.

His family and Androgeos need more than anything your support to collect the funds to be able to travel abroad once he is stable to get another chance In life and if God agrees with us to stand back to his feet.

Please please help with your funds as soon as possible.

Once he will be stable without fever and he can get the green light he has to immediately travel to a spine special center.

Please support us and may The Lord bless your lives 


Update from Evangelos "Stefanos" Tzivopoulos, October 17th, 2017

Androgeos is so happy and we feel so blessed with all the donations and your love and support.

Thank you from the heart let's keep the Game on

Live to inspire and keep the dream alive 


Keep fighting Androgeo! 

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