Saturday, March 10, 2012

Green Olives from Chalkidiki to Become Protected Designation of Origin Product

The olive producers of Chalkidiki received good news on Tuesday recognizing their work and promoting their agricultural activities and economy, since the particular variety of olives growing in the Northern Greek peninsula will soon be registered as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product by the EU. In this way, the brand name “Green Olives of Chalkidiki” will get a higher value added tax.

The PDO procedure had been temporarily delayed after Belgian and Canadian traders had opposed the exclusive usage of the brand name from the Greek producers, which would have a direct impact on their own interests.

The compromise proposal of the Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food led to the signing of an agreement between the Chalkidiki olive producers and the traders of olives from other regions. Traders are allowed to use the olive variety name but only Chalkidiki producers will have the right to distribute certified products under the brand name “Green Olives of Chalkidiki”. In any case, the agreement ensures that consumers will not be misled in any way and that the use of the olive variety brand name will not result in exploiting the reputation of the PDO.

Stella Tsolakidou

Source: Greek Reporter

*Thanks Katerina S. for the information! 

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