Friday, June 22, 2012

AEK veteran Stelios Vaskos to cycle to Munich and back for children’s foundation

Stelios Vaskos, the veteran cyclist of AEK Athens team and member of the national team of Greece, is trying to push human limits by riding a bike a distance of 4000 km from Trikala to Munich and back.

His goal is to cover the distance in 15 days starting from June 25. That means he has to cycle  250-300 km daily.  A  highly-skilled team consisting of doctors, masseurs, coaches and escorts will accompany him so that he will be under constant monitoring and supervision to prevent anything unexpected that may endanger his safety and his health.

The mission will also be followed by several journalists and a TV crew. 

 During the journey citizens of all countries will applaud and support him, as they are going to be informed through a campaign about the precise dates of his appearance in each country.

As always Stelios is cycling for a particular purpose, as his objective is no longer the championship nor his emergence as a super-athlete, things that have been achieved a long time ago. The aim now is giving back.  Through his previous ventures he helped social groups and institutions. This time Stelios will ride for “The Smile of the Child”, an organization dedicated to children’s welfare.

A small part of the money raised from sponsorships, promotions, sales, coupons, SMS, will cover the costs of the mission (most members are volunteers) and the rest will go to the organization.

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Source: Greek Reporter

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