Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Greek tea ‘Tuvunu’ to be sold in the USA

Traditional organic tea with honey and lemon coming from the mountainous areas of Thrace will be sold in the USA at the same time it will appear on shelves in the Greek market in July.

The wild tea is a Greek staple which remains a unique drink that has not yet been commercially exported abroad. The commercialization of this simple traditional Greek recipe undertaken by the company “Macedonian Brewery” came about thanks to a clause in the commercial license of the Greek state that allows “the production of soft drinks and juices in the same place where beer is produced.”

The company will get the tea from their own plantations and co-operating producers, while they have already trademarked both the global production of the product as well as the product itself. It has made a deal with 200 Greek producers working in the Xanthi region. According to the President of the company Demetres Politopoulos, it will try to promote the product mostly to the international markets and indeed, the company has already signed deals with the USA and Europe for the year 2012.

He also stresses the fact that the “Ice Tea Tuvunu” is only the first step of the Macedonian brewery, as it intends to produce many more healthy soft drinks concocted from the thousands of herbs native to Greece.

Marianna Tsatsou

Source: Greek Reporter

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